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Our first event for the season will be held down on the Monday of this long weekend 1/06/2015, down by the river in Mandurah. The event will be sign posted from the Mandurah town centre.

We have at this stage 6 competitors who will be down there battling it out and racing for the first win of the series. With much practice over the offseason including new car upgrades it will be an interesting first event.

We have been fortunate enough to score some local sponsors for the event to help us fund the event and create a greater following behind it. We would like to thank Mandurah Automotive service, Mandurah Hobby Shop and Mandurah Trusty Towing.

The event will fall into a number out of the hat format where each driver is chosen at random to partake in the race. The first driver therefore will be newest to the track and will be doing a lot of the testing, and the last will obviously have the experience of watching the 5 before him to help out.

The winner will receive points towards the overall championship of 10 events throughout the year and will also win a gift card to the Mandurah Hobby Shop to assist with parts etc. We are looking forward to getting our first event down and underway.

West Australian Remote Control Rock Crawlers


West Australian Remote Control Rock Crawlers.

Based In Mandurah WA, we are Western Australia's only remote control rock crawling association.

We host monthly rock crawling events, ranging from coast/beach locations to woods, to urban terrain. Using the latest and greatest scale model rock crawling 4x4's we replicate the real thing as close as possible.

Here we will discuss events and general chit chat about our club and hobby. Come down at check it out sometime.